Job Lists

I just like to know what kinds of jobs are out there in the Brattleboro VT area. I know that there's plenty of retail stuff. If you don't want to do the merchandising thing, what else? A couple local institutions are big enough to have "career opportunities" listings on their Web sites.

World Learning, aka School for International Training.
Brattleboro Memorial Hospital--if you're a nurse or a "tray handler," you may be in luck
Marlboro College--usually professor-y stuff, obviously.
There's also the Marlboro College Graduate Center
Windham Southeast Supervisory Union--local schools

Troubled times, caught between confusion and pain. Distant eyes, promises we made were in vain... WAIT, that's the lyrics to Separate Ways! Summer's almost here--rock'n'roll with the windows down, man.

Last week's radio show recalled (5/30/07):
  • 6 Feet Under theme
  • The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Heart: Sufjan Stevens
  • Take Away: Missy Elliott f/Ginuwine
  • Crown of Love: Arcade Fire
  • Breaking the Girl: Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Hotel Song: Regina Spektor
  • Filet of Sole: The Dead Milkmen
  • New Day (online edit): Kate Hevnavik
  • Three Little Words: The Mondo Crescendo
  • Fergalicious: Fergie
  • An Electronic Address (remixed by Printed Circuit): Figurine
  • Smile (remixed by Mark Ronson): Lily Allen
  • Office Boy: Bonde do Role

  • Galangation (Diplo mix): M.I.A.
  • Anti Love Song: Betty Davis

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