Fuzzy Summer Days

I don't know what is more exciting, 1. getting carded for buying alcohol after several years of NOT getting carded any more, or 2. rediscovering the sharp carbonated joy of Genessee Cream Ale. Or what about having 1 happen because of 2—ahhh, happy summer is here again. Genny Cream Ale brings back warm memories of long-light evenings on the front porch with my parents sipping this fine beer from the old-stylee pull-tab cans. Now that sweet mystery can be mine. Pop a Genny and join me. Crissssp!

Radio playlist comin' up. Beef Jerky Time as of 5/23/07:
  • Mighty Hercules theme
  • I Don't Believe: Paul Simon
  • Backyards of Our Neighbors: Au Revoir Simone
  • I Wanna Have Your Babies: Natasha Bedingfield
  • Cuckoo: Maria Eriksson
  • Coming Back: Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • Just Can't Get Enough: Nouvelle Vague
  • I Want the One I Can't Have: The Smiths
  • Bottom: Voltique
  • My Mood Swings: Elvis Costello
  • Me & My Imagination: Sophie Ellis Bextor

  • Phantom Limb: The Shins
  • I Wish (Bundle of Contradictions): Forro in the Dark f/David Byrne
  • I've Been So Right: Ray Wonder
  • Lest I Forget: One AM Radio
  • Sweetie: Josh Rouse
  • Boplicity: Miles Davis

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