I had another dance DJ gig last weekend and am still traumatized by what happened. Can you get PTSD from DJing? Basically I was prepared for a certain crowd (the people who liked what I did last time and asked for more 80s music this time), but they weren't there! Instead some of the peeps who were there were not digging my tunes (I know because they said so!), and I didn't have anything else. I just am not well-trained in the live DJ thing. I'm used to radio and there's a big difference, apparently. When it comes to "giving the people what they want" on the spot, NOW, and helping them have fun and dance again in the next 54 seconds OR ELSE, I pretty much failed. Plus I had technical difficulties which made me look like even more of an idiot. I feel bad about getting frazzled and apologize to all the dope dancers there who maybe felt like my set was a bit of a trainwreck. Hmmm. It's like I was asked to tell a few funny stories at a small dinner party and when I got out there, it turned out I was in a big comedy club full of strangers with a spotlight on me and no real material.

Anyway, I'm glad to be on WVEW and able to expand and explore on my own time and in my own directions. THANK YOU for listening to Beef Jerky Time! This Wednesdays show--more cool new music I found on the Internets (sic).

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