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I'm full of potato chips and falafel right now so even though it's my weekly time to update my blog (during my hilarious and eclectic radio show "Beef Jerky Time" on WVEW-LP), I'm feeeling a little sluggish.

If you live in Brattleboro and it's before June 1, 2007, click over to the Best of Brattleboro to vote (one vote, one voice) for your personal faves in the area. Please try to keep it in Brattleboro--like don't say your favorite restaurant is in Walpole or something. That's not an official rule, that's just my personal plea.

Somebody (thanks K!) sent me a link to a book promo website made by Miranda July, who turns out to be a fascinating person I'd never heard of. (There are many, trust me.) Click the link then keep clicking to be charmed and jealous of Ms. J's coolness.

Also, apparently I am the last person to find out about Chewbacca's blog, which hurt me with laughing when I scrolled down through its full insanity. Mom, don't bother following this link--it's not your cup of tea!

Which reminds me of Just My Cup of Tea, a style blog that fascinates me with its dedication to materialism. Also fundraisers for people in Kenya are featured, so it kinda balances out.

Here's last week's Beef Jerky Time playlist. Thanks for keeping it tuned to Prof. K!
  • It's a Living theme
  • Slow Wildcat: Essexboy
  • Haunted Valley: Godzuki
  • 1 2 3 4: Feist

  • You Don't Know Me: David Byrne
  • Goldfish Bowl: Stereophonics
  • Planeta Engraja: Lineland
  • The Comeback: Stars
  • The Trawlerman's Song: Mark Knopfler
  • Stardate May 2--Atacama Desert
  • Suivez la Piste: Saloon
  • Levis: Flin Flon
  • Planar Cluster, Planar Burst: Mahogany
  • Float On: Modest Mouse
  • I Was Stabbed to Death in this Very Doorway: Steward
  • Bedside Manner: Celeste
  • Cloudy Sixth: Fort Dax

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