Sean Connery: Alive

The other night, around 2am, I became concerned about Sean Connery. Is he OK? The last time I thought this way about somebody it was Bobby Short, and then later he DIED. So I'm not trying to be morbid, but I do think about famous people that I like who are, um, "seniors," and I hope that they're doing OK. I found this website called "Dead or Alive?" that tells you whether or not people are still around. Did you know that Lena Horne is still alive? And Joan Fontaine? And Claude Levi-Strauss (98!)? And Luise Rainer (97!)? It's heartening to know these things. Check it out if you're wondering about somebody...

What did I play last week on Beef Jerky Time? A lot of great vinyl, that's what. Here's the rundown:
  • Family Ties theme
  • Let's Go All The Way: Sly Fox
  • Automatic: Pointer Sisters
  • Simply Irresistible: Robert Palmer
  • Loverboy: Billy Ocean
  • I Can't Wait: Nu Shooz
  • Burning Up: Madonna
  • Crackpot History & the Right to Lie: Adam Ant
  • Manic Monday: The Bangles
  • Cruel Summer: Bananarama
  • Electric Avenue: Eddy Grant
  • Don't Let Go: Wang Chung
  • New Song: Howard Jones
  • Everything She Wants: Wham

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