discontent: It's a good thing

Did you know I used to be involved with a little zine called discontent? The website has been very recently updated with a wee history of the thing.

Hey, here's the playlist from last week's Beef Jerky Time. Good times!
  • Falcon Crest theme
  • Sombre Reptiles: Brian Eno
  • Don't You Worry: The Beloved
  • Quiet Town: Josh Rouse

  • 5:55: Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • Sweet Thing: Van Morrison
  • Little Fluffy Clouds: The Orb
  • Glorybound: The Bible
  • Enjoy the Silence: Depeche Mode
  • Untitled III (remix by Two Lone Swordsmen): Calexico
  • The Weaker Soldier: Palace
  • Dead Souls: Joy Division
  • Jane Mary, Cry One Tear: Swans
  • My Love: Justin Timberlake

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