Never enough Duran Duran

To me, "new wave" means something like "Sounds a little like New Order, or The Cure, or Duran Duran, or other jangly/sensitive/synth-laden 80s pop." Or put another way "sounds really good and I like it." I'm always happy to find new bands that sound like new wave to me. It all started when I discovered Stars and Figurine and Godzuki about 7 years ago. The latest crop that is pleasing me includes Josh Rouse, The Rosebuds, LCD Soundsystem, Milosh, The King of France, Au Revoir Simone, Nouvelle Vague, and even Bonde do Rolé and Cansei de Ser Sexy, although they're a little more disco and freak-freak than new wave. Still excellent though. I completely agree with Sasha Frere Jones in this week's New Yorker when he says "In my house, Duran Duran-ness is something one works to achieve." I'll just point out that I read that today, Thursday, and played Duran Duran with no prompting yesterday, Wednesday.

It feels good to like some new music. So good I think I'll play some on the radio. Here are 2 playlists at once: this week's and last week's Beef Jerky Time rundowns. Hope you're liking the show! Please feel free to contact WVEW with feedback about my, or any, show.

  • Hardcastle and McCormick theme
  • Dear Mr. Man: Prince featuring Cornel West
  • Time to Get Away: LCD Soundsystem
  • Now Now: St. Vincent
  • Mexico: The King of France
  • You Make Me Feel: Milosh
  • Save A Prayer: Duran Duran
  • Summertime: Josh Rouse
  • D.A.N.C.E.: Justice
  • Who: Odyssey
  • My Punishment for Fighting: The Rosebuds
  • La Dola Rosa: The Communards
  • Turn: New Order
  • It's Over: Milosh

7/11/07 (partially inspired by Rolling Stone's 1967 issue)
  • CHiPs theme
  • Kiss the Break of Day: The Mammals
  • The Operation: Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • New Song: Howard Jones
  • Happy Birthday: Stevie Wonder
  • Shoulder Length: The Sea & Cake
  • The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil: Jefferson Airplane
  • Black Day in July: Gordon Lightfoot
  • Borderline: Madonna
  • Over You: Lost Dakotas
  • Over You: Echo & the Bunnymen
  • So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star: The Byrds
  • Katie Cruel: Burt Jansch featuring Devendra Banhardt
  • Creeque Alley: The Mamas & The Papas

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