Sick again!

Flu or something, ugh. So I missed the 4/9/08 show to convalesce. Here's the list from the 4/2/08 Beef Jerky Time:
  • Good Ol Boys: The Apple Brothers
  • King Dork: The Mr. T Experience
  • Clash City Rockers: The Clash
  • Be Good to Me: Apollo's Apaches
  • What if I was Right: Sleater Kinney
  • Like a Riot: Ann Beretta
  • The Way We Get By: Spoon
  • Some Weird Sin: Iggy Pop
  • Glander's Biennial: Kleenex Girl Wonder
  • Why Ain't Love Fair: Thee Wylde Maniacs
  • Digital: Joy Division
  • Prime Numbers: The Two Gentleman Band
  • Drivin' Thru My Heart: The Donnas
  • With My Love: Shades
  • Double Day: The Afghan Whigs
  • Cryin Cryin Cryin: Bomb Bassets
  • Squeaky Clean: The Mopes
  • Cans of Love: Smugglers
  • Trem Two: Mission of Burma
  • Rock the Casbah: The Clash

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