Spring happy

The bloomin' snow is finally melting. More is gone every day. It's still 20F at night, but a few days have gotten up to 50F. Every winter that I'm alive is harder to take than the one before. And every spring I'm more surprised to start feeling normal again. I feel so normal by September that I forget to move away somewhere warmer, and then winter strikes again. OK that's the cycle, but let's not dwell right now on winter being only a few months away... Let's celebrate!

Playlist from Beef Jerky Time 3/26/08:
  • Take on Me: a-ha
  • Look Back: OK Ikumi
  • Destination Unknown: Missing Persons
  • Blue Whale: Fantasy Mirrors
  • Things Can Only Get Better: Howard Jones
  • Stakeout: Freezepop
  • People Are People: Depeche Mode
  • Kelly: Van She
  • It's My Life: Talk Talk
  • Fraud in the 80s: Mates of State
  • Perfect Kiss: New Order
  • I Lust U: Neon Neon
  • Don't You Want Me: Human League
  • On the Lam: Panther

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