Pain at the pump: ow!

I just paid $4.949/gallon for diesel. That hurts my feelings. I figure I have 3 options: 1. convert my car to a veggie oil system that burns cheap (but food-based) oil most of the time, 2. make my own biodiesel or at least contribute to some local biodiesel cooperative, 3. carpool. #3 seems so easy, that's the one I'm going to start with. More on my financial situation and revelations anon.

Meanwhile, playlist from Beef Jerky Time May 18, 2008:
  • A Good Egg: Leo Kottke
  • The Ghost In You: Psychedelic Furs
  • b.b.v.u. (give me give me): 800 Cherries
  • Puerto Rican Jukebox: Panther
  • Poison (Van She remix): Martina Topley-Bird
  • I Can't Wait: Nu Shooz
  • Bring the Noise: Public Enemy
  • Feel the Love: Cut Copy
  • Fire Eyed Boy: Broken Social Scene
  • Oregon Girl: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
  • Sound & Vision: The Sea & Cake
  • Take My Time: Junior Senior
  • Promises, Promises: Naked Eyes
  • Tamagotchi Freestyle: The Lovekevins
  • Theme from Paris: James Pants

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