Buddhist about Bugs

As a child I was taught not to kill things (bugs, I'm thinking) unless they are actively biting you. A beetle or an ant or even a wasp should be gently captured (possibly in a special glass jar kept with a piece of card expressly for this purpose) and taken outside to freedom. However, a flea or a tick or a mosquito or blackfly... or an evil deerfly... can be terminated with extreme prejudice. Probably because when you notice one of these creatures it is already biting you. (I also save spiders even though I am not a huge fan.) I am especially good at saving ants. They're the only bug I'm not afraid to pick up with my bare hands, unless they are upwards of half an inch long. Maybe it's some kind of Arthur Dent thing--a hapless fly or ant could be an ancient relative... Also I'd rather release something whole into the wild than have to clean up its icky carcass.

Moving on, here are 2 weeks-worth of Beef Jerky Time playlists.

June 18, 2008

June 25, 2008

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