Dog Days of Aug

According to my playlists The Rosebuds have been around on my show since July 2007. They have been around in the real world for years longer. I mainly know their 3rd album "Night of the Furies," described as having been conjured during the wind and chaos of a tropical depression. Driving beats, pretty choruses (pretty in a good way), some dark slow vocals that sound a bit broken-hearted, a bit blasé. And there's just enough synth stuff going on for me to be contented. In fact "Night of the Furies" reminds me of the Cure. Not that it sounds like The Cure, but it's nice when good pop music comes with some graveyard themes. When I need to score a movie about vampires in high school, I'll use a track from this album.

Assorted facts: "Night of the Furies" has been remixed by various artists as "Sweet Beats, Troubled Sleep", including a track by--hey!--Roger O'Donnell from the Cure. They blog at Their new album "Life Like" drops in October!

Beef Jerky Time playlist, 8/6/08

  • E.M.P.T.Y: The Clientele
  • Quedate Luna: Devendra Banhart
  • I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes: Tom Vek
  • Pum Pum: Lee "Scratch" Perry
  • Stuck for the Summer: Two Hours Traffic
  • 3 Women: Stereolab
  • Leaves Do Fall: The Rosebuds
  • I Live for the Sun: Sunshine Day
  • Hearts on Fire (Knightlife remix): Cut Copy
  • Of Moons, Birds & Monsters: MGMT
  • Dancing Behind My Eyelids: múm
  • Until We Bleed: Kleerup f/Lykke Li
  • I Know But I Don't Know: Blondie
  • The Casio Fight Song: David Shouse & the Bloodthirsty Lovers
  • Snow Capes: Caribou

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