Beau Oui comme Bowie

The title of this post comes from an old Isabelle Adjani song that cracks me up just by existing. Crazy stuff happens when you collaborate with Serge Gainsbourg, I guess. (Other faves from the same album are "D'un Taxiphone" and "Ohio." Vive 1984!)

During this past Beef Jerky Time I decided that my favorite David Bowie album is Low. It wasn't hard to pick. Unlike certain people I live with, I am not familiar enough with Bowie's prolific works to have much trouble deciding. Basically my choices were either Let's Dance, which I like a lot (vive 1983!), or Low. I pick Low because it seems more consistent and solid and interesting. More freshman year university, when things were new and cool and strange. While "China Girl" and "Modern Love" and "Let's Dance" are fantastic songs, that's all I ever listen to from Let's Dance. But Low is great all the way through! Incidentally, I just checked out the Bowie section of our CD rack and discovered 16 green-tinged Ryko discs. None of them are mine... I think I have a lot to learn here.

Here's the playlist from this edition of Beef Jerky Time, 2*11*09:
  • Salt: Rafter
  • Cool It Now: New Edition
  • Star Sign: Teenage Fan Club
  • Tunnelvision: Here We Go Magic
  • Crown Victoria: Robbers on High Street
  • Ghost of Genova Heights: Stars
  • Microphone: Coconut Records
  • Up Against the Wall: Peter Bjorn & John
  • Kids with Guns (Hot Chip remix): Gorillaz
  • Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others: The Smiths
  • Take Me To the Riot: Stars
  • What in the World: David Bowie
  • 1963: New Order

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