Yes substitutions

Since I stopped drinking alcohol and coffee I have found a new love. Something that's just so sweet to me. That still provides those post-prandial calories and carbs that my body seems to have formerly gotten from beer. Great for eating in front of a big TV with a very small spoon. It is this:

Contents: Moosetracks ice cream (vanilla with fudge swirl and peanut butter cup), Chocolate fudge FroYo (srsly, Ben & Jerry's has actually named their frozen yogurt "FroYo"), chocolate syrup, whipped cream from a can

I'm kind of worn out this Friday eve with the spectre of filing my taxes (So which online 1040 free-file is the best? Let me know if you have advice...) looming, plus being generally discombobulated by having a bunch of work done on the house (end result: ceilings no longer moldy, well-insulated at last), and having a very small person wanting to take the s l o w e s t bath in the world and then read every book twice before I can finally bid good-night and go eat the Amy's Country Vegetable Pie that's been waiting patiently for me in the oven. And there is still much to do. I got THREE new magazines today that must be perused, got 2 more hand-me-down magazines at work to devour, plus my InterLibrary Loan about Louis XIV and the Affair of the Poisons is due next Thursday and I'm only on Chapter 2. Also, laundry. First, I will curl up with my Moosetracks and vegetate.

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