On bacon, not coffee.

I've stopped drinking coffee this week. It's been horrible. I also gave up alcohol, but that's not nearly as bad. I'm not so addicted to booze that I get the DTs or any withdrawal symptoms when I give it up for a while. But when I give up coffee it is not good! I'm headachey, cranky, and really really tired. Worst of all, my brain doesn't work well without coffee, so I couldn't figure out what was the matter with me for several days. I haven't given up caffeine completely. I allow myself one black tea a day and as many decaf black teas (or herbal teas) as I want. Plus hot chocolate and any other form of chocolate is OK. But the Mayo Clinic tells me a cup of brewed coffee (mmmm!) has about 95 mg of caffeine, whereas black tea has 47 mg. I think cocoa has even less, like 5 mg. So I'm only halving my drugs and it's still bad!

To pass the time during my self-inflicted lethargy, I want to report that we had breakfast for dinner tonight and used the Sunday Bacon from my food blog gift earlier this month. I love having breakfast for dinner, although 1/3 of the family was sick and 2/3 were cranky, so there wasn't exactly a bright-eyed vibe. But here's a shot, including my "Not Fried Potatoes" that I invented several years back.

In other news, here are 2 weeks of playlists from Beef Jerky Time, my fabulous weekly radio show on wvew.org.

First, the 1*21*09 show:
  • Nothing to Worry About: Peter Bjorn & John
  • Better Trends: Japanese Motors
  • The Lusk Letter: The Kindness Kind
  • Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it): BeyoncĂ©
  • Emily Paints: The Deadly Syndrome
  • Theme from Hollywood: Megapuss
  • Din Daa Daa: George Kranz
  • Champion Requiem: Mos Def
  • Tunnelvision: Here We Go Magic
  • Neo Violence: The Tough Alliance
  • When Did You Become So Popular: Vox von Braun
  • Use Me: Bill Withers
Next, 1*28*09, my snowstorm show. (It was just me and plows on the road driving home from that one. Major blizzard.)
  • Be Nice to People with Lice: Alan Sparhawk
  • Too High: Stevie Wonder
  • Paris is Burning: Ladyhawke
  • Kings & Queens: Apostle of Hustle
  • Sweet Disposition: The Temper Trap
  • Girl U Want: Devo
  • Sunrise: Yeasayer
  • The Art of Kissing: The Long Lost
  • You Can't Get What You Want (Til You Know What You Want): Joe Jackson
  • First Time High (Reconstructionist remix by Jon Brion): Of Montreal
  • Drummer: Coconut Records
  • It Must Be Love: Madness
  • Unsettle My Heart: The Boat People
  • He's Frank (Slight Return): The BPA feat. Iggy Pop
  • The Nightfly: Donald Fagen


Joie de vivre said...

I love that you couldn't figure out what was wrong with you for a few days because your brain couldn't work without coffee. I gave up coffee while I was pregnant both times and both times I came back. It is like a mistress that is impossible to leave.

"Prof. Kitty" said...

It is hard! I decided that it was OK to have once a week so now Saturday is my coffee day. Result: same exact thing--feel dull but can't think to figure out why! (Guess I am just dragging things out by having it once a week...)