Indian Cans

Since about 2000 we have been big fans of a certain brand of canned Indian "Heat n Serve Entrée." That brand is Jyoti.

Besides the potato dumplings pictured, we also like their Matar Paneer (peas and cheese), Dal Makhani (lentils & beans, including Giant Meaty Kidney Beans) and especially Madras Sambar. We usually brown some ground lamb to go in the Sambar and it is really really good. (Especially with kale and brown rice.) A can goes for around $4--it also seems to be organic and can feed a family of 3 when combined with veg and rice.

As a food group we call these favorites "Indian cans." Here's a sample conversation:
"What's for dinner?"

"Indian cans."

This particular Indian can came to my rescue when I discovered it was 4:30 on a weekend afternoon and I had no idea what was for dinner. Break out the potato dumplings in sauce, add some frozen broccoli, and spoon over brown rice. It might look kind of goopy in this picture, but Indian cans are really mouthwatering.


Anonymous said...

I love easy dinners. Where do you buy these glorious cans?

See you tomorrow!
Emily M.

"Prof. Kitty" said...

I get them at our local food coop. Since they're organic maybe check your local purveyor of healthy type foods? Maybe even a mega-health-mart like whole foods, or in the "ethnic" aisle at any grocery store! Worth searching for though.