Wine and cheese candles

Friday evening before a long weekend. Perfect time to sit back with the fam and have cocktail hour. So I broke out more ingredients from my food blog gift. Taylor Farm gouda, Carr's Cheese Melts crackers and Rosemount Shiraz 2006.

The crackers were a nice surprise. They're "NEW" according to the box, which also explains that they are "Crispy crackers sprinkled with cheese." They had a rich crumbly texture and a nice tang that reminded me very much of my Pie Crust Cheese Straws. Those are usually a rare treat as I don't make pie often, so nice to know the taste can be found in a cracker box. The wine was exciting too, particularly because I got to use my Special Shiraz Glasses, pictured. I have become more of a beer drinker lately, so a glass of red is a nice change. (I like how the bottle has a diamond-shaped base to echo the label.) The cheese was also quite tasty, and double the pleasure on the cheesy crackers. Cheesiness is next to godliness, as I always say.

One interesting occurrence during our relaxation hour was my companion's discovery that the yellow wax rind from the cheese could be rolled around a small piece of butcher's string to make a perfectly serviceable candle. When he proposed this idea to me I naturally dismissed it as impossible, but here's the result. It worked.

While I was taking this picture my companion found some more bits of cheese wax in the kitchen and rolled up another candle. Here it's being lit.

Here are the 2 candles together. Who knew that gouda came wrapped in "atmosphere" like that...

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