Aligning with Milosh

I find Milosh very soothing. Milosh is a Canadian recording artist who specializes in electronic pop. He's got 3 albums out: You Make Me Feel from 2004, Meme from 2006, and iii from 2008. (I like that every other year thing.) He seems to make music that is beautiful but not sappy, serene but not new-age. It's subtle but still has a synthesizer edge. It's like music for weather--looking wistfully out at landscapes of snow or rain. Being in wide autumn light with a wind. Appreciating grey skies. Sitting on a sunny floor doing nothing but eating apple slices.

Milosh makes music that helps you stop. It would be excellent listening while looking out your plane window, caught between two places and just being for while. Now I'm not saying to turn this on and assume the lotus position. But Milosh could make whatever you're doing seem slightly meditative and profound. It would probably also be comforting music for breakups. I know Meme best, though the title track from You Make Me Feel is Excellent. His new album, iii, seems right on track to give me more smooth sweet pop.

Here's the Beef Jerky Time playlist from last week, 1*7*09, with just a dash of Milosh.
  • Tipsy Gipsy: David Grisman Quintet
  • Kim & Jessie: M83
  • Snowblind: +/-
  • Ride that Cyclone: Larkin Grimm
  • Great DJ: The Ting Tings
  • Face on the Sun: Romance
  • Awful Game: Milosh
  • Just Briefly: Daedelus
  • Michael, The Lone Archer of the North Shore: Deastro
  • Heart It Races: Architecture in Helsinki
  • Hit the Wall: Broken Social Scene
  • Glass Candy: Animal Imagination
  • Time Will Tell: The Lafayette Afro Rock Band

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