Healthy Granola Bars from the Manic Mommies

Sometimes I listen to the Manic Mommies podcast, billed as being for "moms trying to do it all." I also started subscribing to their blog feed. When I saw the recipe for "Grab-and-Go Granola Bars," I knew I had to make them. The recipe is actually from the Meal Makeover Moms (they also have a podcast), who have made it their mission to "rescue" unhealthy recipes by fixing them up all healthy-like... and kid-friendly. We are desperate for kid-food around here, since our littlest one has taken to going around the house moaning "Hungry... hungry... hungry...." (We feed her lots, really!)

I highly recommend this recipe, especially if you like fruitcake. It suggests using a blend of dried fruits--I used apricots, cranberries and raisins. The result was packed with fruit, super sticky and delicious. Somehow it almost tasted like it had all been soaked in brandy (good!) and yet of course it had not (also good... that kid-friendly thing, right?). Note that this is another recipe that requires the purchase of a popular brand of cereal that I don't usually buy. Kind of like the All-Bran muffins I made in the spring.

Do check out this recipe if you need something to grab & go. (These do contain delicious chocolate chips, sometimes making it a struggle to save them for the child.)

Packed up for future hungry moments

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