Blog event open! Weekend Herb Blogging #228

The first "arrival" to the herb garden this year--baby chives have sprouted.
Welcome little ones! I will eat you soon!!

Are you cooking with herbs--or fruits or vegetables for that matter? Please consider entering "Weekend Herb Blogging" this week, cuz I'm hosting! Deadline is 3pm Sunday, April 11 (Utah Time). Just send your posts to me at: profkitty AT gmail DOT com and please include a photo sized 300px wide. Here are the Weekend Herb Blogging Rules if you're interested. Roundup will be next Sunday night--looking forward to the entries!

This blogging event is open to anyone around the world who wishes to enter a recipe about cooking with any herb, plant, fruit, vegetable or flower. The rules are that posts must either have an herb or plant ingredient as one of the primary ingredients in the recipe and/or spotlight one herb or plant ingredient, including information about how to use it. The event was started by Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen and is now managed by Haalo from Cook (Almost) Anything At Least Once.


ValleyWriter said...

Best line from a blog EVER: "Welcome little ones! I will eat you soon!!"

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Tee hee, thanks! Or should I say, "mwaaahaahaahaaa!"

mangocheeks said...

At University, one of the subjects I studied was anthropology and I can't remember the name of the anthropologist, but she made some kind of reference that we human beings are almost carnivorous of our seedlings. We sow them, water them, (nurture)raise them and then eat them.

Anyway, it made me smile as the chives in my tiny garden plot are playing riot, they seem to have spread.

Chris said...

Great job with the round up....several postings I want to try, especially the celeriac horseradish burgers and the Orange, Radicchio and Celery Salad. I think both would be great for a weekend grill! ;)

Thanks for all you did! Have a great week.