Easter 2010

I broke my foot (well, a very small part of it) on Friday, so this weekend has not been as active as I'd imagined. And that's fine! I am basically sitting about eating chocolates and reading How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, occasionally trying out the crutches I rented, and drinking way more coffee than I should.

My fellow diner loves deviled eggs, so I converted all our Easter eggs into deviled eggs at lunchtime today.

Lovingly colored by 3 generations yesterday afternoon.

My eggs turn out all patchy when I peel them, but they taste good. I decided to pipe the filling in (even though I got rid of my decorating tips somewhere along the line). I just snipped the end off a plastic decorating bag.

A bit tidier than just spooning in the filling.

Quick filling recipe: Hard-boiled egg yolk, dab of dijon mustard, lots of mayo, dash of dried dill, good bunch of salt. Mix well, fill eggs, finish with paprika (not shown).

Hope you had a lovely April weekend. Do you have special uses for Easter eggs (or cold hard-boiled eggs in general)? Please share in the comments section!

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Alice said...

lovely! sorry about your foot-just think of it as your reminder to slow down and sit still.
we have no use for our decorated eggs-we end up throwing them in the woods for our neighboring foxes,coyotes, skunks, fisher cats, and racoons. I am sorry to say no one in this house likes anything but a well done omelette or scrambled egg.