Homemade HUGE Burger Buns

Trying to save money again, I decided to make my own hamburger buns. I used King Arthur Flour's recipe for Beautiful Burger Buns. Here's my report.

After rising the dough had more than doubled. This yeast was having a lot of fun!

The instructions suggest rolling the punched-down dough into a log, then cutting it "like a jellyroll" into 8 rounds. Unfortunately when I cut my log, it smooshed down and created little mini logs, not "rounds."

You're supposed to then tidy up the rounds and set them to rise again on a cookie sheet. (The recipe makes 8, but my "rounds" were so gigungous that only 6 fit on a cookie sheet.) I tried pulling my mini logs into round shapes, but they look pretty bad. Note for the future: letting them rise again will not solve the shape problem. They will still be the same weird shape, just puffier.

After a second rising and then baking, these burger buns were HUGE. This one has 2 hamburgers in it; I cut it in half to acommodate both. (Those are organic Cascadian Farm Spud Puppies by the way, not the school lunch thingies.)

Conclusions: I would definitely make these again, but go for 12 or even 16 smaller buns instead of 8 huge ones. They taste great--a nice sweet-ish egg-bread vibe, like challah but sturdy and savory enough for burgers.

Now I wonder if I can make my own hot dog buns...?

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