Onions in the House

Our house smells a bit... oniony. It's cuz of an old wive's tale/Internet rumor that having cut onions around will absorb germs and mold and stuff and help the humans be healthier. Even though snopes.com refutes this, they also show that the rumor has been around for over 100 years. Heck, just because there are no scientific studies proving it doesn't make us afraid to try! And the onion smell actually goes away after the first few hours and then the onions just sit there working their magic. I'll get back to you in April with much excitement if none of us get sick this winter. (I'm also getting a flu shot tomorrow... just in case...)

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"Prof. Kitty" said...

A family member got sick over Christmas--seems like sore throat and general malaise, not too serious. Will keep updating if more sickness arises. Touch wood it won't.