Goodbye Christmas Tree

We were so in love with our Christmas tree this year. It only cost $20 at Lilac Ridge Farm and it was just sweet. Perfect size for our house, perky boughs, gorgeous when covered with lights and ornaments. Thank you little tree for brightening up our holidays and being our tannenbaum.

Sadly though, round about December 26th, it became unclear how much longer we would want the gorgeous Christmas tree in our house. But... remember those crafts where you have to coat a pinecone with peanut butter and then dip it in birdseed? We wondered what would happen if we tried that with the whole tree.

First we stuck it in a snowbank in the front yard (see above).

Then we dosed it with delicious bird friendly ingredients. Specifically, we used peanut butter and birdseed. These items can be assembled any which way, but at our house we first dipped a spoon in peanut butter, then put it in a pile of birdseed, then scraped the spoonful over the tree branch.

We also sprinkled extra seeds over the whole sticky mess. We were hoping birds would be irresistibly drawn to all this. Turns out... apparently squirrels are the ones who are down with the peanut-butter-Christmas-tree-birdseed-vibe. Welcome cute furry peeps!

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