Decluttering the Kitchen, or The Night I Called Poison Control

This is embarrassing, but I got carried away with scrubbing the cabinets for this 4th week of project:simplify, and accidentally poisoned myself... just a little. I was using a 10% bleach spray on some mildew stuff, and it was so gross I decided to also scrub it with some bleach wipes. Except... they were ammonium chloride wipes, aka AMMONIA.

I realized I was starting to get kind of drowsy and strange before anything terrible happened. I threw open doors and windows. I went out for fresh air. I googled the ingredients of the wipes (thus arriving at the horrible revelation I'd been mixing chlorine and ammonia, one of the few things I remember from high school science that One Must Never Do). Then I decided I was dying and called poison control. FYI, the number is 1-800-222-1222. The lady was really nice and totally unimpressed with my condition, which made me feel much better. She kept saying firmly, "You will be fine." And that there wasn't that much of either substance for me to really hurt myself. Still, it was scary. I would point out that on the same day last year, I broke my foot. I think next April 2 I just won't get out of bed.

But on to the awesome decluttering, which I finally finished this morning!

The Kitchen Cabinets

Threw out some strange mixes, ripped up the old nasty shelf paper, put down new paper, rearranged so that things like sugar and coffee are well within reach.

Kitchen Utensil Drawers
Trashed strange plastic items, put down cool shelf liner stuff underneath everything, also note adorable clothespin caddy (aka glass jar) right above the Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump. We use these to close chip & cereal bags, and now they're all tidy.

The Refrigerator
Washed most of the shelves, did a bit of rearranging. It's pretty spare in there.


ValleyWriter said...

Glad you survived & that Poison Help was there to help!! Nice job with the clean up - doesn't it feel great to have things nice and organized? (At least for a few hours/days..)

"Prof. Kitty" said...

It does feel good! This whole decluttering thing is basically helping me do my spring cleaning, in an organized "look at me" fashion, just my style! (The chemical hangover finally faded in about 48 hours. Ugh.)

Alice said...

DUDE. I feel badly, but I am laughing at your little cleaning agent foible. WOOPSIES. But nice work all around! I am impressed with your organized manner on this project. I usually tackle these things in a spiked hormone rage and only complete half of a room/area, in some inconvenient time-like right before Sunday dinner. Keep up the good work! do you ever watch Nate Berkus-he would applaud you my dear.