Happy Easter 2011

We had a fabulous brunch today, including ham, citrus tart, fresh-made kielbasa, sourdough and mimosas. There was an Easter egg hunt in the middle, right during the few minutes when the sun was out. (I am so happy Easter was not yesterday, when we woke up to snow.)

My baked contributions were mini crab cakes--this recipe is SO GOOD. Little piping hot savory seafood bites, crunchy outside, soft and delicious inside.

Also Apricot-raisin hot cross buns. My "cross" on the top didn't work out very well. Because the recipe had me cut a big piece of dough into 20 pieces, those original cuts seemed to be the ones that stood out when baking, not the crosses I snipped in later. This recipe was OK, but I realize I am used to sticky, iced hot cross buns. These just have an egg white wash--healthy, but not quite the same.

OK, I'm going to rush back outside for more easter, we're teaching the 4-year-old how to play bocce.

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