Happy Apple: very small rock (Song of the Week)

First it's the Cole Porter trick, the same note repeated for, like, ever. Then comes the drum and it's sounding like Ui, with drum and lots of bass, driving. They could be leading up to anything. Sonic Youth? Something synth-y? But there it is. A liquid sax line, falling and soaring and weaving. Like Stan Getz just stepped in. Or Bach. That sax is playing a fugue statement, deceptively simple, infinitely mutable, plus just gorgeous. I spend the rest of the song listening for the restatement, cuz that's what a fugue does. It gets you hooked, then it plays around and around and around with those ideas while never sounding quite the same. You're panting and impatient, enjoying the sounds but also just waiting to hear that first magical bit again. Just as things start to wane and I give up hope, it returns. 40 seconds left maybe. I'm obsessed with this song right now!

This isn't on soundcloud for me to embed--please visit the track at bandcamp and press play. Easy. Or buy from Amazon by clicking below, heck!

P.S. Does the title of this song remind anyone else of a certain witch trial?

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