Red Wine Vinegar, you fine old dame

I decided to buy myself a present at the food coop today. It was supposed to be retail therapy, getting a treat just cuz. I could enjoy browsing for, and then consuming, whatever. Would it be a brownie? A croissant? A slice of cake? It turned out to be a bottle of red wine vinegar.

I am not the member of my family who is All About Vinegar, so I feel a little funny going on about it. I'm not the person who makes salad dressing the way W.C. Fields makes a martini--letting the vermouth pass near the gin seems like about how much olive oil gets in our salad dressing. That dressing can be pungent. And then when the salad is gone, this person will lift the plate and drink whatever vinegary stuff is left at the bottom. That is dedication.

I am not even known for liking salad very much (or anything not made of cheese, chocolate, coffee, wine or crackers). I have definitely said smug things like, "Salad is what food eats." But after a long winter of carrots and apples and butternut squash, I was ready for greens today, with a lovely red wine vinaigrette.

Here are my vinaigrette ingredients--garlic & chopped herbs on the cutting board, plus seasoned salt, pepper, dijon mustard, canola oil, olive oil, and the precious red wine vinegar. Not shown: Agave nectar.

Shake it all up in a Mason jar. I love how the red wine vinegar imparts a touch of pink.

Hey, did you know has a $1 coupon for Olivia's salads right now? See how this one is marked 2.99? That means I got it for 1.99! I don't know if that's actually a good deal, but it excites me because I am peevish about sorting lettuce. With this stuff I can just wash and eat. Or... just eat.

Bonus addition from a quick round of weeding this afternoon--fresh young dandelion leaves. I tore these up and added them to my salad.

Put it all together with some carrots and peas. This was just what I wanted. The dressing was both silken and bracing. Crunch!

Do you make your own dressing? I shoot for a 50-50 vinegar to oil ratio, what do you think?


Wendy said...

Yep, love that vinegar .. but can't handle more than about a 1:4 or maybe 1:3 ratio otherwise it seems to catch in my throat and bring on coughing fits. And, I'm using a lot more umeboshi vinegar these days. Good mixed with mayo and capers to put on fish. It's pink-pink but tasty.

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Pink-pink with umeboshi sounds pretty good! A fascinating twist on the pinkness I'm liking.