Fungus Among Us

Today we went for a walk in the woods--the same place I described in August 2008 (with photos of newts!). This time it was so damp that we immediately decided we would have a "Fungus Walk" and try to find as many interesting and lovely fungi as possible. Here are just a few photos. (We also saw SIX newts. It was awesome.)

This guy was growing in a rotten tree that had been cut into sections, one left standing upright. I love the wood grain background.

Can fungus be "snuggly"?

Lovely and strange

There was more of this log, all covered with clusters.

Some kind of shelf fungus took over this log.

These are in a part of the woods where there are a lot of "twins"--twin toadstools more temporary than twin birches.

Super-super-beautiful (I was just reading about Jean-Paul Gaultier who says that all the time)


JMM said...

Such beautiful photos. The lighting and colour are amazing!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Thanks JMM! Taken with my new phone!