Happy Fruitcake Day!

I guess in the last few years the day after Thanksgiving has come to be called Black Friday. I don't really get that. I like to think of this particular Friday as Fruitcake Day. It's a perfect time to take part of the afternoon (and today's was sunny and gorgeous) to make the family fruitcake recipe. Making this fruitcake several week before Christmas is essential, because it must be dosed with sherry every week to become properly palatable. I play Christmas music in the kitchen and try to enlist young helpers (and old helpers!) when I can.

Today I looked at the recipe typed up for me by my mother and she noted that the first time she made this was December 1, 1972. We've made it many, many Thanksgivings since then. My father used to be assigned the job of cutting the brown paper to fit the angel food cake pan. He always did a very, very careful job, with reading glasses, pencil, and scissors and he even created slots and tabs so it would all fit in the pan perfectly. Happy 40th, fruitcake!

This is also the weekend of the annual Putney Craft tour, which I try to attend diligently. Here is a quick shot of paintbrushes in Carol Keiser's studio. She makes gorgeous, colorful art tiles--like the ones hanging above the cabinet. Thanks, Ma, for accompanying me yet another year!

So do you do the Black Friday shopping thing? Or do you have your own special "Digestion Day" traditions?

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