Up in my grill

We purchased our first gas grill! We've had a great second-hand Lodge hibachi for years. But seeing how easily our neighbor grills year-round with his gas grill, I really wanted to take that step. My dining partner researched grills and found one with good reviews that was well within our price range... and cute.
It's a Char-Broil TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill, and trés petite. I am so excited!

To inaugurate the grill, we got some sausages and steak tips from the North End Butcher in Brattleboro. I made a quick herb rub for the steak tips by mincing summer savory, thyme, oregano, and a touch of lavender. Lots of salt and some pepper, too.

We grilled the sausages on lower heat for about 10 minutes, following the butcher's advice, then cranked the heat to high and added the steak tips. We moved the sausages to the holding rack so they wouldn't get too crispy. I also grilled some mushrooms.

The whole exercise was so easy and fast, and the food was delicious. While steak tips aren't a fancy cut or anything, they are forgiving and yummy, so we'll definitely try them again.

Do you grill? What are your favorite grill items? I feel like such a novice compared to most people. I want to grill everything now, from chicken to peaches to halloumi cheese to pizza to salmon to baby bok choy. Grilled watermelon!

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