Stitch fix 5: Lacy lace!

I got another Stitch Fix box in the mail recently--the 5-item mail-order clothing subscription that I like to get every few months. After what happened last time with the white shirt and the black Capri pants waitress outfit, I did some research and changed my style profile in a few places. Many thanks to the commenter who pointed out that the different style types have Stitch Fix Pinterest boards. I definitely got a better handle on what the categories mean.

Despite my profile tweaks, shipment #5 had some surprises for me! Not always good ones! Thanks to my mother who wisely pointed out that it's good I don't love everything in each box. Otherwise my clothing budget could get really crazy.

All the promise of a tidy, tissue-wrapped gift! (That I paid $20 to receive)

Item 1: Isadora cowl sleeveless jersey top by 41Hawthorn.

The only one that is not lace. I like it a lot! Problem is, they sent me the exact same top as a short-sleeve version in my last shipment, and I bought it. I don't really need two tops of the same style and the same color, so I passed. A different color and I might have bought it.

Item 2: Kegan textured lace 3/4 sleeve top by Under Skies.

I have a fun pose, but this top reminds me of grandmothers. Or great-grandmothers. It is made of stretchy lace. It is aqua greeny-blue. It is not my style.

Item 3: Stellar lace stripe short-sleeve top by THML.

I really liked this one! It just had one issue, which was holes. Let's view in closeup.

The front lace placket has a line of openings from top to bottom that exposes tiny dots of skin. Not a huge deal. But it means that if I wear this to work as is, people will be able to see my bra. I could wear it with a camisole, but why buy a shirt that needs another shirt? Cute, but I'm not ready to commit.

Item 4: Munro tie-waist striped cardigan by Evolution by Cyrus. 

Despite the fact that I explicitly said No Stripes in my style profile, I kind of liked this one. The distinctive lace stripe is cute, and the fact that one stripe turns into a tie is also interesting. I sent this back because I just wasn't willing to pay $88 for it. Nice try though!

Item 5: Alex floral print lace overlay tank by Mystree. 

It may be hard to see, but this is a nice, wide-strapped tank with a modest grey floral print, which is then layered over by a major bunch of gray lace. While I've never paid $58 for a tank top before, this is the piece that I chose. I love gray. I can see wearing this to work all summer!

I want to make a plug for how easy Stitch Fix is! When I describe it to people and try to explain the pricing (you pay $20 for each shipment, but it's applied as a credit to any purchase), I usually say something about how the prices may seem a little high for Brattleboro, but it's worth a lot not to have to even leave your house to shop. You have three days to try things on before returning them. Whatever you don't want just gets tucked into the enclosed postage paid mailer, and throw it in your nearest mailbox. Done!

So a few questions... are you into the lace trend? The chevron trend? The cut-out trend? The maxi trend? Something I haven't heard of yet?? Happy last day of spring by the way.

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