Stitch Fix Part 4: The Randomness

I tried to wait a bit longer this time before requesting my next Stitch Fix by mail. But with the seasons changing, it was time!! I've already used this service a few times before. I must say it's quite easy to persuade yourself that, because an item of clothing is already right there in your home, you should probably buy it. All you have to do is not return the thing (so easy!) and then, with the minor detail of getting your credit card charged, it's yours to keep! Simplicity!

My new box arrived a little squashed on one side, but it's just clothes in there, right?

The package was whimsically tied with a beaded cord, which turned out to be a belt.
Here's what was in there...

Item 1. Wren v-neck cap sleeve jersey top, 41Hawthorn
Red Wren v-neck cap sleeve Jersey top. I love v-necks and interesting drapey necklines so I knew right away this was a definite possibility.

Oh my god. Wait, what? I don't even have the words. This is hideous.

Turns out it's called Dane cotton sleeveless shirt by Moon. I have no idea who would ever look good in this. It is not me.

Bleh accessory. It's pretty and all, but I have no desire to own a lavender Moroccan cuff.

Look at those black Capris.
Capri pants are one of my least favorite pieces of clothing. I am sorry if you like them, but I believe they are supremely uncool. Unless perhaps you are 60+, in which case go for it. I have been waiting in vain for years for Capri pants to go away. I even wrote in my original Stitch Fix style profile that I have a horror of looking like a soccer mom. Come ON.

Blu Pepper cardigan
This "Renior pointelle tie-waist cardigan" at first seemed ridiculous, with the ruffles, the swirly flower, and the handkerchief cut. But when I put it on, I kind of liked it! This is why Stitch Fix strongly encourages trying everything on, even if it seems insane.

I ended up keeping two pieces: the red v-neck and the kooky cardigan. I also went back and adjusted my whole style profile on the Stitch Fix site, because these choices seemed so odd to me. I think perhaps I am more interested in trendiness or dressing up than I thought. Actually, I don't understand any of the categories, which include things like Bohemian Chic, Business Casual, Laid-back Casual, Casual Chic, and Romantic. If you know what a those mean, could you please provide image links? I ended up putting more emphasis on "edgy" and "date night" to see what would happen. So... stay tuned for #5!

P.S. I know I'm posting something very frivolous on a day that's turned out to be very serious. I watched coverage of the Boston Marathon around noon today to see how Kara & Shalane did, then I tuned out. Like everyone, I'm saddened and shocked at what happened just a couple of hours later. I don't know what to say. Is the world getting worse, or is what's bad about the rest of the world catching up with us here in the US, or has the world always been pretty bad and we just haven't been paying attention?  Strange days indeed.


ValleyWriter said...

I have been stitch-fixing lately too and have to wonder sometimes about their choices. Like your white shirt, I've gotten a few things that I'm like "what?! who on earth would wear this?!" .... and sometimes it's especially expensive! ($70 for a t-shirt? Um, no.) But overall, I think it's fun - and it sure beats going to the mall.

Wallace said...

what I like the capris!??? I understand. What about instead of capris you go for a cropped jean--a boyfriend that fits, but then you roll them up to just above your ankle bone. that's alright. you can do it with straight legged jeans, or alter your bootcuts.

Alena said...

They have pinterest boards for each style type. So you can see exactly what each style means. Which helped me when I was doing my profile (I actually found your box because I get impatient and google the items as soon as they pop up on their site!) because I thought I liked a style that when I saw it I realized I didn't like at all. :)

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Alena, that is extremely helpful to now about the Pinterest boards! I re-did my style profile again and hoping my next fix (coming soon!) will be more "me" !