Frightening Advances

We started a remodeling project today and I'm terrified!

Two years ago we refinished the two bedrooms in our house, basically removing the walls, adding insulation, then putting up new walls. Actually we didn't do any of that, we paid a friend. It took 3 months during which we slept in the living room and moved the children to whatever room was not being fixed up.

This time I want to do a similar project but in only 6 weeks. I'm thinking we'll need professional help. But I'd also like to DIY as much as possible. Today, that meant starting to remove wallpaper.

Our dining nook with paper partially removed under windows, then I remembered to snap a pic
Now paper on right side is mostly removed, dark green paint peeps through

A lot of questions came up! For example:

  • Why would anyone paper their walls to look like wooden planks? (That's what we found underneath the flowered paper.)
  • Does this green paint underneath the 3 layers of wallpaper contain lead?
  • Are we supposed to get a building permit?
  • How much worse is this room going to look before it gets better?
  • Can we really do this in 6 weeks?
  • Where will the TV that's also in this room live, since the kids are addicted to Busytown Mysteries and Bob the Builder?

Do you have any spring projects planned or in action? Have you ever stripped wallpaper or had to deal with lead?

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Alice said...

Exciting and scary! I don't have the answers to those questions-but I'm pretty sure you don't need a building permit--if you're not doing anything to change the structure/sq. footage of your house? Ask at Home Depot or your local hardware store about the lead paint. Are those exterior walls to the outside that need the insulation? Just keep your eyes on the end product-a beautiful room--to keep you going through it all!
We are renovating our shower-it hasn't started yet-but we are turning to professionals-mostly because it involves plumbing.