9 Reasons Being a Grownup is Sometimes OK (Stridebox Review)


Booze. Beer and wine. Scotch as a distant second.

Gadgets. Like my smartphone, the bug-zapper, or the ipad I'm writing this on.

Staying up late.

Being nicotine-free. Like, not even thinking about it anymore.

Chocolate. Particularly dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.


Nostalgia. Bringing out old memories like a precious secret stone to turn over and consider and smile. Then quietly put them away again.

Subscriptions. I love service, including having magazines sent to me for regular reading, dialing up Pandora radio stations according to my every whim, and lately getting interesting mail-order boxes. Speaking of which, my July Stridebox came today and I am so excited! It's a $15 per month subscription for "stuff runners like."

Patriotic RUN sticker for a July shipment! They included a fresh one just for me.

Investigating the box, there's a bottle full of something, and some other items too. They manage to squeeze a lot into a small space.

A branded Stridebox bottle filled with stuff. They call it "a small selection of six hydration options for your summer runs."

The stuff in the bottle turns out to be drink mixes, which is perfect. This is just what I need! Even though I have several sport water bottles, I refuse to put anything in them except water, cuz I don't want them to taste funny or get sugary in hard-to-clean places. Now I have not only a lovely mixing bottle, but 6 new mixes to try--including Grape Nuun, a Gu Brew tab in Tri-Berry, a delicious lookin' HDX Hydration Mix, and Acai Energy Boost from Healthy to Go!

There were also a few other treats in the box--2 power bars (one with very few ingredients that are all pronounceable--Bearded Brothers Natural Energy Bar, and the other with a long list of chemicals), a Surge® gel from Body Glove, and some SpiderTech kinesiology tape, which sounds very mysterious but is supposed to help "where it hurts."

Are you a runner? Do you like to get presents in the mail? I highly recommend a Stridebox subscription. Once a month seems to come up so often, it's been ages since I blogged my first box but I've really been enjoying all of the treats.

Bonus thing about being a grownup: Winning your age group in a race... mainly because the majority of women in the race are NOT in your age group but 2-30 years younger.

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