Blooming Summer

Remember my May post about compost that included this photo?

Since then things have kind of exploded.

Catnip in bloom

The pokeweed on the left is almost as tall as the fence. Some kind of squash is growing directly out of the compost bin. A riot of catnip makes the bees go crazy.

Oregano in bloom

On Facebook today someone posted that summer is like the Saturday of the year, so just try to enjoy it! My problem is that I don't really like Saturdays. I expect way too much out of them. That I'll get to relax, that I'll get a bunch of chores done, that I'll have some kind of meaningful memorable experience with my family. It's a lot to ask.

Lavender in bloom

I know somebody who is getting stuff done during summer though, and that's the flowers and the bees.

Thyme in bloom

Go bitty tomato plants! They were a foot high on Memorial Day. Now they're my height.

Tomato plants in bloom

Maybe when it comes to summer, it's helpful for me to remember that we reap what we sow. If I'm a grump because it's hot and sticky and everybody is annoying, my summer will not be that great.

Tiger lilies in bloom

If I try to find the little things that make me happy or that are special about this beautiful season, maybe I'll have a better time. Look at these lovely double tiger lilies.

How is your summer going? 

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