Grilling Up Bon Appetit's Spiced Salmon Kebabs

We've been loving our gas grill this summer! Sure charcoal-grilled food tastes better, but our gas grill is so easy to use, and fast. We break it out about once a week for steak tips, grilled vegetables (like string beans with walnut oil and kosher salt), hot dogs (Applegate always), and some delicious new potatoes that I sliced up and wrapped in foil with sprigs of rosemary plus a bunch of butter.

Another essential grill recipe has been Bon Appetit's Spiced Salmon Kebabs. They are delicious, and they look cool.

The recipe recommends using double skewers to avoid the salmon chunks spinning around willy nilly while grilling. Folded slices of lemon are tucked in between.

The salmon chunks are rubbed with kosher salt (of course, it's BA!) plus cumin, fresh oregano, red pepper flakes, and olive oil. Isn't it pretty?

Notes: I've made these at least 3 times and have a few observations...
  • While the slices of lemon on the skewer look cool, I'm not sure what they're for. They get burned and don't seem to add flavor. Make sure you also have lemon to squeeze on afterward. I think skipping the slices would be OK in a pinch.
  • I tried both Wild Salmon and farmed and found a huge difference. The wild salmon was a little dry but very flavorful and delicately salmon-y. The farmed fish was larded with so much fat that it dripped down and created lots of smoke, which made everything taste smoky. Besides being greasy, the overall flavor of farmed salon is too FISHY for my taste. ("FISHY" is different than "delicately salmon-y.")
  • I've never made this recipe with the sesame seeds. It's still great.
  • You have to like cumin to like this.
So... do you like cumin? Salmon? FISHY? If you have a grilling recipe you love, please share!

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