Chicago Photo Essay

Besides a review of running extremely long distances (for me) and eating delicious foods, here are some other visual notes from my Chicago trip.

You can't bring water through the TSA check, but you can bring an empty water bottle and fill it up afterward. I found this special fountain with a dedicated water bottle faucet, which I used twice because it was so fascinating.

My Chicago connection set us up at the Mart Plaza Holiday Inn, which is right on top of the Chicago Sun-Times building located at the crux of the Chicago river Y-shaped branch. Here's the view out our window, right down the stem of the Y.

I like the label-maker aspect of this sign, seen in a Chicago taxi.

View of downtown as seen from the el leaving the Chinatown area.

The Walgreens in Wicker Park is very fancy, built in a former bank. I love that the vitamins section is in the old downstairs vault.

Evening in Wicker Park

"Cowlileo" sculpture

Looking north on State street, downtown

I think these are bulrush-shaped lights

Crown Fountain, which is a wading pool with mini skyscraper fountains

Sculpture park near the Art Institute of Chicago

Volute krater display at the Art Institute, with ipad for interactive learning

Ancient Greek seafood mosaic. This would be a great subject for a hooked rug!

Part of Chagall's American windows ("literature")

The Shelton with Sunspots, NY - Georgia O'Keeffe

I never knew this portrait by Pierre-Auguste Renoir is not of a little girl, but of his son Jean Renoir, later to become well-known in cinema. Apparently papa Renoir loved Jean's golden red hair so much he wouldn't let it be cut short until it was required for school when Jean was 7.

Monet's wheat stacks, "End of Summer" version. This was in a room full of Monet that made me very emotional. There were 6 different wheat stack paintings. So gorgeous.

Lion outside the Art Institute. I took this photo for my Leo child.

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JMM said...

Wow, love this photo essay of your trip. Some great shots of the city! Seeing Monet always makes me emotional too. Same with Group of Seven.