First Day of Fall, 2013

 "Fire"-- front-yard installation by our 7-year-old. Media: grass, twigs, flame-colored leaves

It was a very full summer. I'm ready for the next season to begin, and it starts today! Here's to days of jackets, leaves, cider, Bach, stew, pies, jack o' lanterns, clouds scudding across the blue blue sky, school routines, new books, darker evenings, costumes, boots, crafts. I love it.

I had an unexpectedly nice Long Run today, my first since The Event. I ran 8 miles, mostly down backcountry roads.

 Goodenough Road, you underestimate yourself

After slogging up and down and up several hills I was rewarded with this amazing view. Behold Vermont!

In the afternoon we went apple picking. The orchard was very family friendly, with apples cascading all the way to the ground. It took us about 5 minutes to pick half a bushel, which is a LOT. And it only cost $10. High-time for pie-time!

Happy Autumn to you! Happy equinox and one of the two Balanced Days of the year! What do you think of fall? Were you ready for summer to end?

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