Mack's Place, friendly eatery in Grafton, VT

I was going to write, "if you ever find yourself in Grafton, Vermont, stop at Mack's Place," but you can't just find yourself in Grafton, Vermont. It takes some effort to get there. But if you ever make the effort, do stop at Mack's Place! It is a super friendly deli/cafe right next to the Grafton Inn, which is to say it is one of the buildings at the intersection that is downtown Grafton.

A view of Grafton.

We went to Grafton for a raptor presentation put on by the Nature Museum at Grafton. It was pretty cool. A bird educator/handler came from the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum. He talked about the historical significance of birds of prey, and brought out 4 birds to show the child-heavy crowd. There was a small kestrel or falcon, a gorgeous red tail hawk, a bald eagle, and a small owl.

Afterward, we wandered across the parking lot to Mack's Place Eatery. Actually, half of our family got antsy during the bird presentation and had to leave early, and the other half missed the first half so left the presentation as well, and then we finally found each other again at Mack's Place. I was really happy to hear that a breakfast sandwich had already been ordered for me!

The breakfast sandwiches are lovely, made on a sweet Portuguese bun and quite cheesy. (I was fascinated by my mug. They have a bunch of mugs hanging on the wall by the coffee urns for people to use.)

The younger family members got blueberry muffins. This one got shredded prior to eating for some reason. Other fare include specialty sandwiches and a Ploughman's Platter.

The cozy atmosphere includes a little "wood stove" nook (it's electric). There are photos of pets and weddings and the Governor posing with staff on the wall.

A large fork decorates the side yard. The other half of the building is the Grafton Cheese Shoppe for your wine & cheese needs.

While we were in Mack's Place it started to snow, a cheerful fluffy snow of the exact type that you'd want to see on Christmas Day. Of course, it's Spring now.... but this is Vermont.

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