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I was JUST thinking how nice it is that I haven't gotten sick this season, and then I came down with a wee cold. Apparently one can only eat the leftovers of a runny-nosed & coughing preschooler for so long before contracting disease oneself. So far, my cold has been fairly contained, making me sneeze and blow my nose a lot but not traveling to my chest or sinuses. (TOUCH WOOD) I am trying some of my milder cold remedies to get me through the days.

One sick-time favorite is the Olbas Natural Inhaler. I love these for clearing out that itchy sneezy feeling in my nose (does not work if you're fully congested though, you have to be able to breathe). It is minty fresh and bracing! The inhaler contains menthol and oils of Peppermint, Cajeput, and Eucalyptol (whatever that is). Refreshing!

Whenever I wake up with a sore throat, I hit it with Honey Gardens Propolis Spray. This was recommended by an acupuncturist and I truly believe it helps my sore throat (slowly and surely). It costs about $10 an ounce but is worth it. Made in Vermont!

Tea! I like Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat (they now have a Lemon Echinacea version for immune support too) and also their Gypsy Cold Care.

(Update on my lily-pad-shaped silicone lid... it actually doesn't stay on containers the way I'd hoped. But it's great for covering a cup of steeping tea.)

Other springy news:

Our front yard has been thawing, and there are some peeks of grass. Even better for children... there are peeks of MUD. (Seen here with this morning's ice)

We are so far removed from paleo living now that I've started making sourdough bread on Sundays again. It is excellent. Make sure you have lots of soft butter nearby when these guys come out of the oven.

I am obsessed with ramen right now. After posting about it in January I can't stop making it, sometimes late at night as a snack. I also can't stop adding Sichuan Chili Oil. I think I am addicted. I actually had a dream that I was eating ramen without Sichuan Chili Oil and I was so ashamed. To top it off, the New York Times published a ramen article on March 4! I am so au courant. What what.

Late-night ramen after a night of clubbing in the big city at home in Southern Vermont

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