Silicone lids to replace plastic wrap

I worry about excess packaging. I've also started to feel guilty about using plastic wrap. But I love plastic wrap! It is so handy for when you don't have a lid for something. Is there a "greener" alternative?

Our local coop has started stocking Charles Viancin silicone lids, in several sizes, so I splurged on a pair of the "Lily Pad" lids. Can they work instead of plastic wrap?

Lily Pad lids are prettier than plastic wrap.

Say you have a small dish of cucumber that needs to be sealed up...

Simply apply silicone lid.

The lid gets good suction. I can lift the whole dish!

This is the smallest size lid, they also come in at least two more sizes. Other designs include a pretty pink hibiscus and a sunflower. Not only can you refrigerate with these, you can also use them for reheating. Apparently.

I haven't yet given up plastic wrap (or sandwich bags--can they make those in silicone?), but I'm using less of it, mostly because it's so fun to fit an adorable lily pad on instead. (I also try to take cloth tote bags to the grocery store, and I try to remember glass mason jars for bulk items, and I also want to throw away almost everything in my home. Maybe that's not quite related...)

What about you--have you been feeling guilty about plastic? Are you trying any substitutions? Or DOING WITHOUT?!


Wendy said...

I often just stick a plate on top of whatever container I'm using -- a small bread plate, a medium salad plate, or a dinner plate depending. Then I only have to wash it when I'm finished. So, if I've made a big pot of soup, I put that in a large bowl and stick a dinner plate on top. ... And I want to get rid of stuff in my house, too. Ha!

Kirsten G. said...

Sometimes I just put a plate over my bowl and throw it in the fridge. Probably not very effective, though, since there's no seal! But then, maybe my time in Ukraine gave me a slightly more casual attitude toward food storage. Ukrainians just leave things out on the counter overnight. Not that I'd go that far!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Of course, plates! You geniuses. It makes more sense then that I got the small "lily pads," because most larger items can definitely be covered with plates (which we do sometimes), or put into a legitimate Pyrex container. Leaving things out also seems done in Italy, going by Gabrielle Hamilton's recent book... (Blood Bones & Butter)