The "Perfect Week"

I'm shooting for a "Perfect Week" this week! This is a fitness term that I made up. It means I do every workout type thing that I planned to do on every day that I planned to do it. Ideally I plan to work out 6 days a week. So, if I accomplish that goal then it's a "Perfect Week"! They don't happen very often, but that's cool.

Can you guess before reading which day has no exercise planned?
  • Monday: I do my own weights routine using a HIIT app I downloaded to my phone (HIIT=high intensity interval training). Basically this is a timer that I set to help me do a given exercise for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds, for 20 times in a row. That means the whole thing just takes 20 minutes. I try to use my 8-pound weights and/or my 12-pound kettlebell.
  • Tuesday: Run day--3.5 miles, ideally a progression run that gets faster with each mile
  • Wednesday: SPINNING class (In the summer time there are also biweekly fun runs) 
  • Thursday: Boot camp! I love this 6am class. It is so challenging. This morning we did about 100 abs exercise repetitions all together, plus insane combos of pushups and running in place and whatnot. But it's doable because we're all in it together, and I love the instructor (my former trainer and former former daycare provider!) I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow... 
  • Friday: 4-mile run with hills 
  • Saturday: REST! We have a deal in our house that I get to sleep in on Saturdays, and in return I get up early on Sundays (to be with the kids, who get up around 6am) 
  • Sunday: LR. In running speak this means "Long Run." I am playing with the distance this year and trying to add one mile each month to my LR. I've gotten up to 6 miles at a time so far, and that's on a treadmill so it's LOOOOOONg. 
Anyway, I just have 2 more workout days to hit a perfect week. They're both runs, which I don't tend to miss, so I think this is going to happen! Wish me luck!

Do you have weekly goals you try to meet? Tell me more!

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