My Cauliflower Pizza Crust Challenge

I've been pretty obsessed with cauliflower lately. Healthy carbs! I even dreamed up a new business model wherein we create a spray-dried cauliflower powder that can be used just like flour. Cauli-flour, haha! Wait, I just thought of that, don't steal it.

Anyway, when I saw some of my favorite bloggers talking about cauliflower pizza crust, I had to try it out. I picked Run Eat Repeat's recipe because it uses less cheese than others. (This is grain- and gluten free, but not dairy free.) Please visit RER's page for the actual recipe since I don't want to rip her off! My challenge in pictures:

Organic cauliflower costs about $10, so I got conventional

Recipe ingredients include garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and eggs

Shredded Cauliflower

Favorite toppings--I also added baby spinach leaves

Cook the cauliflower in a skillet

Ingredients include cheese

Ingredients were decidedly GLOPPY once combined

You're supposed to smooth it, shape it and bake until firm

Add toppings and bake a bit more to finish


Uh-oh, it's still gloppy. See how the right-hand piece disintegrated on one side?
It tastes good though!

Notes: Clearly, like a Camembert, this pizza crust was "a bit runny." I might make it again, but I'd be sure to thoroughly drain, dry, perhaps even squeeze out the cooked cauliflower before combining with other ingredients. Or I might try a different way of cooking it (I steam-fried it with a bit of water so it wouldn't burn, which was maybe a mistake). The pizza did firm up a bit as leftovers.

I liked the taste combination of garlicky cauliflower with the pleasantly metallic flavour of canned olives. Maybe that's just me, but they seem perfect together. Spinach and pepperoni were also nice. Next time I might try goat cheese, radicchio, artichoke hearts, maybe even blue cheese if I had it. If you have to be gluten free or just love cauliflower like me, I recommend trying cauliflower pizza crust!

My challenge for January 2013 was Kusa.

What crazy recipes have you been making? Or eating?


ValleyWriter said...

I love this idea! It would totally make me feel less guilty about eating pizza. Sadly, cauliflower doesn't seem to mix well with my healing ulcer/acid reflux. What else you got? LOL!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

How about Sweet Potato pizza crust?!