New clothes! Beware!

I am really liking the Stitch Fix mail-order styling service that I apparently subscribe to. This is my third shipment so I should probably admit that I'm into it. Stitch Fix lets me set how often I get shipments, and I keep setting it to once a month!

So far the box looks different each time. It's still early days for the company,
so I like to imagine them constantly coming up with new ideas for logos and packing tape.

Another new feature: A 3-step explanation printed inside the box,
and an invoice placed FACING THE SAME DIRECTION. Nice!

Item 1: Calafia Wrap Jersey Dress from 41Hawthorn
This wrap dress feels amazing, which makes sense given it's cozy jersey. I like the color, black. I like the length. It feels crazy trying a short-sleeved LBD in January, but I think I'll love having this come July. Also my husband likes it very much. Keeper!

Selfridge Cowl Longsleeve Tee, 41Hawthorn

I love me some crazy cowlnecks, but there are limits. My first two Stitchfix shipments contained  awesome cowlnecks, but they were so deeply cut and floppy that I worried about "overexposure." But look! This cowlneck is my favorite black. It also has a lining in front so I don't have to worry so much about leaning over. Or breathing. KEEPER!

Filbert Elbow Sleeve Popover Top in Orange by Angie
I love orange. I said so in my Stitchfix profile. But this is not orange. It is coral. Or salmon. Or some kind of... blancmange? Also it is a strange rayon fabric. I was slightly interested in the cut: scooped at the sides, scalloped at the elbows, little shoulder tabs. If it were silk and black... I'd consider it.

Rickhouse Ruffle Trim Cardigan, Tea N Rose
This is a gorgeous knit! Thin and warm, dark charcoal color. Sadly, I pretty much hate the intense clown ruffles. Womp womp. :(

Crinkle Gauze Scarf, Mystree

Crinkle Gauze Scarf up close
I love the crinkles! Texture like this is right down my alley. However the tallow-ish color and Made-in-China aspects were not so great.

I'm taking a leap and scheduling my next Fix a little further out--in early April.

I continue to recommend Stitch Fix if you don't mind spending at least $20 to try on 5 possibly awesome items picked especially for you! So far I seem to actually spend between $35 and $100 per shipment, because of course I always have to buy something, and sometimes two things. I was not paid to write this review, it's just my opinion, though if you use this link to join up, I'd get a credit.

P.S. This post is named after a quote from Henry Thoreau's "Walden," where he writes, "I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes. If there is not a new man, how can the new clothes be made to fit? If you have any enterprise before you, try it in your old clothes." Thanks to "Mr. Emerson" for keeping Thoreau by us all.

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ValleyWriter said...

I signed up after your last post and should be getting my first shipment this week - can't wait! I'm cautiously optimistic that this will help get me out of only-buy-clothes-twice-a-year rut I've been in for the past few years ;-D