April Radio Playlists 2014

The name of the show: Blackbeard's Delight
Your host: Prof. Kitty
The station: WVEW 107.7 Brattleboro, VT

April 3, 2014: "Bert Jansch!"
  • Sweet Mother Earth: Bert Jansch
  • Part Two: Leo Kottke
  • So Early in the Spring: Pentangle
  • Goodbye Pork Pie Hat: Jansch & Renbourn
  • Angie: Bert Jansch
  • Western Island: Archie Fisher
  • Pachysandra/Sunday Driver: Gordon Stone
  • Hey Pretty Girl: Bert Jansch
  • Jack Fig: Leo Kottke
  • Watching the Apples Grow: Stan Rogers
  • Face Up: Jimmy Ryan
  • Open Up the Watergate: Bert Jansch
  • Edge of a Dream: Bert Jansch
  • Three Chord Track: Bert Jansch
  • All Through the Night: Leo Kottke

April 10, 2014: SONGS THAT ARE 10 YRS OLD in purple WHOA
  • M79: Vampire Weekend
  • Fugaz: The Pinker Tones
  • I'm Good, I'm Gone: Lykke Li
  • Around the World: Daft Punk
  • Little Pieces: Parlour Steps
  • O Green World: Gorillaz
  • Ocean Breathes Salty: Modest Mouse
  • Dark of the Matinee: Franz Ferdinand
  • Losing My Edge: LCD Soundsystem
  • Trem Two: Mission of Burma
  • Stop Being Perfect: The LK

April 17, 2014
  • Lightbulb: Mezzanine Owls
  • Little Honda: Yo La Tengo
  • O.N.E.: Yeasayer
  • Does Everyone Star: The Police
  • Star Sign: Teenage Fanclub
  • Mongrel Heart: Broken Bells
  • In Ruins: Fol Chen
  • New Mate: Figurine
  • Endless Shovel: Rogue Wave
  • Man on Fire: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
  • Love is a Stranger: The Eurythmics
  • Two of Us: The Beatles
April 24, 2014
  •  Job: Hybrid Vigor
  • Poison (van She mix): Martina Topley-Bird
  • Today: The Still
  • Dying is Fine: Ra Ra Riot
  • Smile Like You Mean It: The Killers
  • Team: Lorde
  • Urgent: Foreigner
  • From Africa to Malaga: jj
  • French Lessons: Metrovavan
  • See You on the Moon: Great Lake Swimmers
  • Feelin' Good: Tal Ross
  • Foram Koten: hollAnd

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