Signs of Spring

Today is the first really nice day in 2014. Hooray! All the snow has melted, it's 68 degrees out, and for a few moments while gardening I actually felt a little too hot. At this time of year, gardening means raking, chainsawing, and clipping things.

The new bulbs we planted last fall are blooming--I love this soft cream-colored crocus!

I raked the leaves and detritus out of my herb garden, then forked everything that wasn't a perennial. The chives are already coming back, and the lavender (bushy thing at mid-left) is looking very well.

Our nice neighbor came over with his chainsaw and cut up the Christmas tree. It looks so small when it's all in pieces! It will be burned later by our resident pyromaniac, along with a bunch of shrubbery bits he's been collecting.

Once the snow is gone, it's OK to cut down the mugwort from last year to give her room to grow anew. (She helps protect our home spiritually all year round, even when dormant. Ask me for details.) This is BEFORE.

Here is the AFTER shot. I cut down the stalks and also thinned out the roots on both sides. It seemed like the right thing to do.

What are signs of spring where you are? It is so exciting!

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