Thrifty tip: Don't buy a whole bag of grapes

My weekly grocery bill was unusually high on Sunday. I couldn't figure out what I'd done wrong. I scanned my receipt for errors and found the following 5 items that cost more than $10 each. Can you spot the huge problem?
  • Unscented Aubrey Organics Sunscreen, 1 tube 11.03 (on sale!)
  • Cabot Creamery Seriously Sharp cheddar, 2-pound block 10.07
  • Breakfast blend coffee, just over a pound 10.01
  • Organic Red Seedless Grapes, 1 bag 10.28
  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, 12-pack 14.71
Lightbulb! It was the GRAPES! I really wanted to spend about $4 on grapes. But grapes get packed in giant pristine bags. Even though it's allowed at our co-op to split up a pretty bag into smaller bunches, I am reluctant to do so. Also, four dollars worth of grapes would be so small it would look pretty pathetic.

Children have already consumed half the bag--there is maybe $5 dollars' worth left?

I am aware that conventional grapes are cheaper. But did you know that grapes are on the Environmental Working Group's "Dirty Dozen " of high pesticide residue crops? So I do try to go organic with grapes at least every other time. I think that I'm evening out the pesticide odds.

What do you think--this is pretty old news, right? You've heard about stupidly large bags of grapes already? A great Vermont alternative just happening NOW is to simply buy... local apples!

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