Adorable, cozy luncheon? Try Pickity Place!

We've been lunching at Pickity Place for as long as I can remember. Over the course of about 30+ years we have visited now and again for a charming multi-course lunch in the ultimate woodland tea-room. They serve the exact same menu for a month at a time, and the dishes have heavy emphasis on herbs grown in their own gardens, from herb dips to herbal tea to edible flower garnishes.

Lately we have been making a special effort to get to Pickity Place for a ladies lunch about once a year. My mother, my daughter, and I drive for over an hour to get to "Little Red Riding Hood's house" (it was used as a model for the Golden Book edition of Little Red Riding Hood back in 1948).



 That's a wolf-in-the-bed pillow

The gardens and atmosphere are delightful!




You'll happen to find a lovely blog about last year's mouthwatering menu here. Here's what we had today in October 2014...

Herbs are everywhere, from tucked in the water carafe to sitting sweetly on the table.

Butterfly crackers and herb dip, plus crayons already set out for our younger diner.

Butternut squash soup with ginger creme fraiche. Super chicken-y and savory.

You get complimentary tea or coffee--I picked the spiced tea which was so sweet it tasted like cider. 

Salad with apple, pear, cauliflower & Stilton. 

We were each served a warm slice of cranberry ciabatta bread with orange cranberry butter--so infused with berries it was pink.

 The main course was chicken with a walnut crust and side of sautéed squash. The chicken had a delicious apple-sausage stuffing.

Toffee cheesecake with heathbar crunch, raspberry cream, mountain mint, and strawberry. 

People under 12 can select a half order of the entree, or a kid's menu item. Our kid picked the latter: sandwich, apple, cookies. The latter two come in a cute basket.


The main kid's course was a giant tuna sandwich. One could also choose grilled cheese, cream cheese & jelly or PBJ.

There are not one but two shops on the grounds, plus a picturesque herb drying shed... see below.



As we were leaving we lamented not seeing a cat on this trip. Then we turned the last corner.

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