October days

Hi! It's October already! Here's what I've been up to. Maybe not exciting, but it's what I've got.

I'm obsessed with hummus. My favorite would be to make my own, but next best (and more realistic) is to buy the Inspirations brand from Hannaford grocery store. Inspirations is creamy and comes in appealing flavors like Roasted Garlic and Sriracha. And Hannaford is about half a block from my desk, so it's EASY. Hummus also helps me eat a ton of vegetables. YUM.

I've started reading books again. For years I'd given up on reading anything longer than a magazine article, but I suddenly became hungry for length. I'm drawn to books by women at the moment. I quickly finished "Hyperbole and a Half" by Allie Brosh, then ripped through "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed, and now I'm reading Diane Keaton's memoir "Then Again." (Mom, you would like it, she grew up in California and then moved to New York as a young adult. Her writing sounds so like Annie Hall!)

Also... I'm watching more Netflix streaming. Maybe because the days are getting darker sooner so I'm more inclined to snuggle up with my iPad. I finished the first season of "The Mind of a Chef." I now definitely want to hang out with Rene Redzepi in his Danish test-boat kitchen.

I also really enjoyed "The Punk Singer," about Kathleen Hanna, who is just incredibly cool.

Here's my final update, a good negative split on a Friday afternoon! Maybe a Friday run should be standard for each week, because it feels great. Running a quick 3+ miles helps me burn off crazy feelings from the work-week, and feels a bit virtuous! I was proud of this run--check out especially the "average pace" column, second from the right. Faster faster faster.

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